PONY ORM Needs Your Support!

Pony is an advanced object-relational mapper, simple to use yet powerful in nature. It is open source and free. Pony is about freedom to create awesome things! For years we've been self-funded, working on side projects to make a living, and testing Pony ORM in real life at the same time! Now we are up to the next challenge: empowering Pony with the long-awaited migration functionality!

With this campaign you now can support release of production-ready migrations for your work or personal projects!

We get a lot of feedback from our users, and the majority of requests are about migrations. Migrations allow changing the database schema after the app has already been launched, and developing the app further with confidence, that the data is safe and the app won't crash. To make it our main focus and release it faster we need more resources than we have now.

Who we are 

We are Alexander Kozlovsky and Alexey Malashkevich, friends who met in college. We believe that creating an awesome product requires the right tools. On our decades-long run in software development with its constantly changing requirements we've been struggling to find the right object-relational mapper. The powerful ones were complex, wordy and not declarative. The easier ones failed to scale and were error-prone. What we needed was a simple tool with a lean learning curve, powerful enough to take us as far as we wanted to go with our apps. That's why we've created Pony ORM!

What we do

Pony ORM  is well-known in Python community, it gets downloaded more than 20,000 times per month. Over the course of our development we've made more than 40 releases constantly improving Pony. Why our users like Pony ORM?

  • Pony has low entry barrier: queries have a very intuitive and easy to use interface; 
  • Pony speeds up development: you can create an application prototype very quickly; 
  • Pony is flexible: we kept in mind that a prototype is not the end, but a starting point for further development. Pony allows gradually increasing the level of product complexity to an unlimited extent. 
  • Pony is open source and free: we embrace the open source culture, that's why our ORM is released under the Apache 2.0 license. 

Testimonials from Pony ORM users

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