[PonyORM-list] Entity Creation

Bruce Petersen bruce.petersen at ironsafe.com
Wed Dec 3 03:46:20 UTC 2014


I'm seeing great advantages to Pony -- however, perhaps you can help me
through one major stumbling block:

Our app requires that tables (and their classes) be created on-the-fly.
Given my understanding of the lifecycle of entity mappings, it looks like
entity mappings really cannot be created dynamically.  That is, it looks
like Pony requires that Entities need to be mapped before any using
application starts, yes?  Any attempt to sub-class Entity results in an
exception once the first generate_mapping is called.

We really require the ability to add an entity to the schema while the
using application is active.  We've been using SqlAlchemy to create models
throughout the life of the application -- we were very much looking forward
to using Pony's awesome features.

Do you have any suggestions / work-arounds (besides re-initializing the
Database object)?

Many  Thanks,

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