[PonyORM-list] Always prefetch some related entities ?

Tomislav Tustonic ttustonic at outlook.com
Sat Dec 13 22:15:44 UTC 2014


Alexander Kozlovsky wrote:
> Hi, Tomislav!
> > Is it possible to make an entity always prefetch some related entities?
> At this moment it is not possible. You can read fl.fullPath before exiting of 
> db_session in order to force fetching of necessary related object.When we 
> using Pony in our current projects, we always construct JSON data (or some 
> other kind of response) withing the db session, so it is not necessary to us 
> to use the prefetch functionality at all. I think that the approach when db 
> session wraps entire request processing is the most easy and efficient. But we 
> can add the ability that you requested. It may be done in two different way.
> 1) We can add prefetch option to attribute:
>     directory = Required(lambda: Directory, prefetch=True)
> 2) We can add prefetch option to db_session:
>     with db_session(prefetch=[ File.directory ]):
>         fl = File[1]
> Currently I prefer the second way more, because it allows to prefetch data 
> only if it is explicitly requested, whereas the first variant requires to do 
> prefetching in each db_session even if it is not necessary.
I'm trying to create a kind of generic repository class, with usual methods: 
getById, getAll, search etc...
So I have something like:

class BasePonyRepository(object):
     _class = None

     def __init__(self, clss=None, *args, **kwargs):
         if clss:
             self._class = clss

     def getById(self, id):
         with db_session:
             item = self._class[id]
             return item

This is nice and simple, and works for all entities. I can then override this 
and set the _class for the specific repository, or create an instance of 
BaseRepository using clss parameter. But, if I need a FileRepository I can't 
just create a BaseRepository using File as a parameter, but I have to create a 
new Repo class and override all the methods.
It's not a great problem since there are only a few methods to override, I was 
just hoping it could be defined on an Entity level and keep a repository class 
the same. For this case your option 1 would be preferable, option 2 doesn't 
offer much over the code that already works.
True, it always hits a database, which is an overhead, but in this case, a 
developer can decide does he need eager loading or not and adjust entities and 
I should probably rethink this design, or perhaps create a repository as an 
context manager would give me an abstraction over database access, but still 
allow me to use db_session in the __enter__/__exit__ methods...
> > It would be nice to be able to have 'calculated' attributes, which wouldn't 
> be saved and loaded from the database, but would be serialized using to_dict()
> We have a plan to add computed attributes, but our intention is different, we 
> want to use such attributes inside queries, as a way to simplify complex 
> expressions. That is, Pony should be able to translate such computed 
> attributes to SQL and inline them into the query.
That would be nice too.
> Until computed attributes are implemented, you can solve your current problem 
> by overriding `to_dict` method and adding calculated values manually:

Nice, will try this.

Thanks, Tom

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