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Hi Andrew,

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On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 1:45 PM, Andrew Graham-Yooll <
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> Hello all,
> We have a monolithic application built with a Flask/Pony framework. It
> works great right now.
> However, in the near future we are going to start shifting to a
> micro-service architecture. In this process, we are going to most likely
> have a separate Db for each service. For a number of reasons that I wont go
> into, this is beneficial. But i get hung up, and I know many others do too,
> when thinking about the foreign key relationships developed between tables
> at the moment.
> People have solved this by denormalizing their db's ending up with
> duplicated tables in another service's DB.
> Im curious what the users of pony think of this solution and if its
> feasible.
> And what have others using PonyORM, or any other ORM for that matter, come
> up with when using a micro service architecture?
> Thanks
> Andrew
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