[PonyORM-list] PonyORM and a micro-service architecture

Andrew Graham-Yooll andrew at solarisoffgrid.com
Wed May 31 17:45:05 UTC 2017

Hello all,

We have a monolithic application built with a Flask/Pony framework. It works great right now.

However, in the near future we are going to start shifting to a micro-service architecture. In this process, we are going to most likely have a separate Db for each service. For a number of reasons that I wont go into, this is beneficial. But i get hung up, and I know many others do too, when thinking about the foreign key relationships developed between tables at the moment.

People have solved this by denormalizing their db's ending up with duplicated tables in another service's DB.

Im curious what the users of pony think of this solution and if its feasible.

And what have others using PonyORM, or any other ORM for that matter, come up with when using a micro service architecture?


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