[PonyORM-list] The docs don't seem to cover this query type

Matthew Bell matthewrobertbell at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 13:26:14 UTC 2014

Say I have 2 entities with a one to many relationship:

    class A(db.Entity):
        bs = set('B')

    class B(db.Entity):
        a = Required('A')
        status = Required(unicode)

I then want to query for all "A", that have Bs that all have the status

How I assumed it could be done:
    select(a for a in A if a.bs.status == 'whatever')

    select(a for a in A if all(b.status == 'whatever' for b in a.bs))

But neither work. What is the "pony way" of doing this?

A python example of what I mean (I obviously would like to do it properly
all in pony though):

    for a in models.A.select():
        if all(b.status == 'whatever' for b in a.bs):
            yield a

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Matthew Bell
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