[PonyORM-list] to_json and to_dict ssems to unable to work with partial selections

Вадим Бажов vadim at ideco.ru
Mon Jan 5 15:23:02 UTC 2015

I've got a clue, I suppose.

When we select or get a whole entity(ies), pony outputs a collection or 
structure, or something similar (arrays ?) representing the entity(ies) 
in DB. It holds the structure of entities and is easily convertable to 
json. So to_json converts this to json string.

When we make a partial selection of fields - tuple is being returned, 
but to_json is waiting for a db model representation. It's easy to 
convert to json too, but that's another story )).

So, this thread is kinda a feature request: please make to_json and 
to_dict are able to work with tuples for partial selections too.
Built-in json answers from DB backend is very useful feature to let Pony 
talk directly in RESTfull API with web-frontend.

On 02.01.2015 14:51, Вадим Бажов wrote:
> Suppose we have a table of Codes and Customers. Each code can belong 
> to exactly one customer.
> For example, this works fine, giving me a json representation of a 
> whole object with all relation onjects if any:
>     rcodeid = '3'
>     rcode = to_json(select(r for r in Rcodes if r.id == rcodeid))
> But if i try to select particular fields from table, like this:
>     rcode = to_json(select((r.id,r.code) for r in Rcodes if r.id == 
> rcodeid))
> i get an exception:
> (<type 'exceptions.TypeError'>, TypeError('not all arguments converted 
> during string formatting',), <traceback object at 0x8ff648c>)
> The situation with to_dict is exactly the same. Works fine with full 
> entities, throws an exception with partial selections.
> Didn't find any notice in docs and blog that to_dict and to_json works 
> only with complete entities. So enlighten me please if it's me doing 
> something wrong or Pony ))
> Thank you for the to_json method - it's very usefull.

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