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This is just plain amazing. Keep 'em coming guys.

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> Hi,
> As you know Pony simplifies writing business logic at the backend. But
> what if you need to work with the same objects at the frontend? We thought
> it would be cool to have such an ability. Now you can do it using pony.js
> module.
> PonyJS is a module that brings Pony entities to the JavaScript frontend.
> You can find an example of using PonyJS and short description of how it
> works attached. In this example we use a simplified diagram of an
> university: https://editor.ponyorm.com/user/pony/University.
> In order to check the example you need to unzip files from
> ponyjs_example.zip and launch index.py file using the following command:
> python index.py. Then open the url http://localhost:5000 in your browser.
> You need to have Flask and Pony installed. (pip install flask; pip install
> pony)
> In this single page application we get all departments, groups and courses
> from the server at once. Then you can click any department and see related
> groups and courses. Once you click to a group or course, a separate request
> will be sent to the backend which will get all students for the selected
> group or course. You can modify values of the objects and click Save
> button. In this case the updated attributes will be sent to the backend and
> saved in the database.
> We are going to include this functionality to the next Pony release.
> Please note that this is a preview version and we can modify the API before
> it is released as part of Pony ORM. At the moment it uses KnockoutJS, but
> we are going to add AngularJS support too.
> Your feedback is highly appreciated!
> Regards,
> Alexey
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Kind Regards,

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